Some Press

Chiara Meattelli on Rolling Stone online

Interview: Paul Weller, Vanity Fair, May 2017

Photograph & interview: Flaming Lips, Vanity Fair, February 2017

Cover Story interview: Norah Jones, D La Repubblica ottobre 2016

Interview Tom Jones, Vanity Fair, Nov 2015

Interview & Photo: John Lurie, Vanity Fair, November 2015

Interview: John Grant, Vanity Fair, Oct 2015

Interview: Eddie Redmayne, GQ, Aug 2015

Interview: Calvin Harris, GQ, Jun 2015

Interview: Noel Gallagher, Rolling Stone March 2015

Addio Swinging London, Corriere della Sera online, March 2015

Interview: Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Rolling Stone Dec/Jan 2014

Interview: Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Buscadero, July 2014

Photograph: Kelis, Vanity Fair, June 2014

Ethan & Joel Coen, Interview, Rolling Stone, Jan/Feb 2014

Oscar Isaac, Interview Rolling Stone, Jan/Feb 2014

Interview: Elvis Costello, GQ (Italy), September 2013

Cover photo for Buscadero, October 2013

Interview and photos: Tame Impala, Buscadero, September 2013

Interview and photo: Primal Scream Bobby Gillespie, Rolling Stone, June 2013

Interview: Liam Gallagher, Grazia, June 2013

Interview and photo: Edwyn Collins, Rolling Stone, May 2013

Interview Melody Gardot, Grazia, May 2013

Interview and photos: Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, Rolling Stone (Italy), April 2013 

Interview and photo: Eels, Rolling Stone, February 2013

Reportage: In tour with Jonathan Wilson, Buscadero, September 2012

Cover photo for Buscadero, Semptember 2013

Interview: Rod Stewart, Buscadero, December 2012

Interview: Robbie Williams, Rolling Stone, November 2012

Interview: James McCartney, Grazia, April 2012

Interview and photos: Paul Weller, Buscadero, April 2012

Interview: Paul McCartney, Rolling Stone (Italy), March 2012

Interview and photo: Mark Stewart, Rolling Stone, March 2012

Interview and photo: Josh T. Pearson, Rolling Stone, May 2011

Interview: Poly Styrene, Rolling Stone (Italy), April 2011

Reportage: London Rocks, Flair magazine, March 2011

Interview and photos: Damien Hirst, Flair magazine, March 2011

Interview and photos: Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp, Flair magazine, December 2010

Interview: Nick Cave, Buscadero, Ocotber 2010

Interview: Dick Dale, Rolling Stone, August 2010

Interivew: Tom Jones, Rolling Stone, July 2010

Interview: Scarlett Johansson, Rolling Stone, November 2009

Interview: Rainn Wilson, Rolling Stone, October 2008 

Interview: Tricky, Rolling Stone, July 2008